Anatolia College

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Anatolia College is unique in that under its umbrella it hosts schools K-12, an IB Diploma Program, and a College which gives Bachelor Degrees and an MBA.  Please see the 2018-2019 Profile, which gives details of the school’s unique features.

Colleges are invited to present during our main school break, so that students can attend the presentation: 13.10-14.00.

Representatives should arrive by 11.00, to have a school tour (11.00-12.00) and lunch (12.00-13.00). We also will take the representative out to dinner if they are staying over that evening. At times we can offer overnight stay in a hotel. Our office also helps representatives plan their full itinerary to schools in Thessaloniki and Athens as well.

Further information from Arian Kotsi, Director of U.S. Counseling Office & Special Programs,