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When to visit?
The best time to visit is during the student’s lunch:
Monday-Thursday: 12:35 – 13:15
Friday: 12:45 – 13:25

While visits are welcome any day of the week, there are several student club meetings during lunch. The days of the week with the fewest club meetings are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

We can try to arrange visits outside of these times but find the the most successful visits for students are during their lunch.

Additional information about how to schedule a visit is located on the Counselling portion of our school website here (includes our school calendar, list of counsellors, contact to arrange university visits, proposed times to visit and how to get to the school).

To arrange a visit, please contact June Jetabut ( or Scott Morgan (

University Application and Matriculation Information:
Students typically apply to more than one country. The matriculation percentages can range from year to year. We are noticing a trend towards students taking gap year’s or seeking deferred entry.

The top three countries where students matriculate are the U.K., The Netherlands and U.S.A.

Travel Information:
For additional information about travel in The Netherlands please go to this link.

While there are several hotels to stay in the Amsterdam, we have recommended the Citizen M Hotel. There are two locations, Schipol (the airport) and Zuid (closer to city center). The Schipol location is about 30 minutes from the school using public transportation and about 15-20 minutes by taxi. The Zuid Citizen M is about 25 minutes from the school using public transportation and about 15-20 minutes by taxi. The hotel is a boutique hotel and offers a good restaurant.

Taxis are fairly easy to arrange through your hotel or as you leave the school. Here are some other options as well:
Taxi Electric is a good company to use if you want to book your taxi in advance. They have free wifi on board. If you book this company as a pick-up from the airport then you will need to have a working phone as you must call them after exciting customs.
TCA is another taxi service where you can book a taxi ahead of time or call the number to arrange a ride on the day it is needed.